Monday, October 19, 2009


wow has it been awhile!!! have just been so darn busy! still living in the wonderful town of Pinedale wy lol ah, this place is such a drag!! ha ha the things we do for our husbands huh!! well its almost time for winter to start up here!! that means SNOW MACHING!! crazy times!! we are seriously gone every weekend having a blast out in the snow!!! i moved to a new salon called "Knot Just Hair" and i love it!! it is so not drama!! cant ask for a better place to work!!! brock is still working his heart away for A&T welding and loves it!! We have been busy doctoring horses and starting a colt for one of our buddies it is a ton of fun and i am learning so much from my hubby!! Just got done moving 58, 90 pound bales all by myself!! so proud, didnt know i actually had muscles through all this chub ha ha the joy of married life we just eat our hearts out ha ha!! i tell ya what though.... being in a small town i sure have learned to cook some dang good recipes ( thanks to my sister brandi and my mom) always answering the phone so i can ask them silly questions like.. how long do i cook this for... do u have to poke a potato if you put tin foil in it?? ha ha!! my nephew is already 4 months!! ah crazy crazy and just the cuttest thing!! Kaiden is getting way to big my goodness!! already 8! and kennendy.... where do i start she is a ball of fire!! never stops suprising ya!! she is so cute and has a personality that would blow ya away!! i am such a proud aunt!! and cant wait to be an aunt to my sister kaci's first!! she is prego!! yeah i am so happy for ya sister!! you and ryan are going to make amazing parents!!! my parents got to meet brock and me in Idaho Falls last weekend!! it is 3 hours for us and about 2 1/2 hours for them. they took us to Olive Garden. we were so excited. we dont have hardley any resturants around here .... i mean come on the best we have is a subway contected to sinclair gas station!! YEAH! i know. then we went to cal ranch to see the fun clothes and all the fabulous ranchwear~ got some fun clothes and ofcourse we had to go to walmart!! grocery shopping was such a treat for us ha ha !! ofcourse dad had to buy our goceries!! i am so blessed to have such a great family that keeps me on my toes~~ well i know this was long but i promise pictures next time!

Monday, June 1, 2009


My new nephew is finally here!!! weighing at 9.2 pounds and 20 inches long!!! BIG BOY!!! i was able to go down on monday and stay for a week with the kids and help brandi clean and get ready for this new bundle of joy!! my poor sis was in labor from 7:00am till 7:02pm!!!! I never new how tough my sister was till i saw her deliver krew~~~ she is such an amazing sister!!! she is not only amazing to me and gives me advce on anything i need, but an AMAZING mom!!! she is going to be just as good with Krew and she is with Kaiden and Kennedy!!! i love ya sis and am so greatful to have all of you in my life!!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures of Whitneys Wedding!!

I know it has been awhile since i have posted... but here is just a few pics of whits wedding!!!!!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So my father!! Eric Lee..... Lee Family belgians!! went looking for a Vis a Vis!!! Which is a horse drawn Limousine ... His buddy back home had one and my dad asloutly wanted it!! This man was selling a amish buggy and a cart and this brand new horse drawn Limousine !!!Isnt is so AMAZING!!! I can wait to go on rides with that one!! it is amazing dad!! way to buy another toy for us!! gotta love daddy's... they buy the stuff so you dont have to but can play with it all the time ha ha!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009


One of the girls i work with and i are on a BIG BIG BIG diet!!! We are so sick of being out of shape!! i am so excited cause i have been doing SO SO good!! i have walked every morning this week with me dog!! We go on an Hour walk every morning!! Love it!!! ....... I was so excited the other night, i felt ambisious thought i might try on some of my clothes from when i started beauty school and guess what...... They totally fit!! I was so excited !! my hubby was out on the couch so i got all dressed up and strutted my stuff out there and he gave me the what are you doing look ha ha !! he was so happy that i was doing so good!! There definently is a down fall to being married to a skinny guy who can eat WHATEVER he wants and not make a darn difference.... sad thing is, i learned the hard way!!! i tried doing that for quite a while ha ha!! and 20 pounds heavier here i am ha ha!!! so here goes to trying to loose the extra pounds!!!YEAH!!!:):)


i know it has been 4EVER since i have posted a blog! just thought i would let ya know what we McLain's have been up 2!! I was asked to be a brides maid for my BFF whitney browning!! They got married in the Twin Falls Temple for Time and All Eternity i am so happy for! They are such an adorable couple!!! It was so much fun!! They are seriously the cutest couple!! Mike is going to school to be a doctor and whit went to beauty school with me a Paul Mitchell a partner school in Rexburg ID and they are living there going to school and working!! i miss ya tons Whit and wish the ABSOLUTE BEST!! Here is a pic of them!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


YEAH!! so EXCITED!!! it has been so crazy here in wyoming!!! WORK is non stop for brock and kinda busy for me ha ha!!! so when my sister called me and told me she is coming home i decided to take a 5 hour drive home tomorrow!!! yeah so excited!! i cant wait to see my prego sister and of course my 2 favorite people in the world KENNEDY and KAIDEN!!! you 2 kaci ha ha!! and of course my parentals!!! it is going to be so fun to be able to go see my prego sisters bell bell and she how big it is getting !! cant wait to have sister time 2!!! so here is to the safe drive for the both of us!! YEAH!!!